Answers to some common questions


What is the size of your band?

Soul Medix performs as a quartet up to an eight piece ensemble. Soloists, duos and trios are also available.

What music genre does your band play?

A wide mixture for all ages to enjoy. 30s to current,  Top-40, Motown, Soul, Blues, Classic Rock, Country, Dance, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rock, Swing

What is your band's usual attire?

Soul Medix has many different attire's to choose from. We can discuss what is most appropriate for your event.

Do you offer live sample performances or CDs?

There are live performance samples on our website. Check the audio/video page.

Are you willing to learn songs that you do not currently know?

Yes!, in fact, we offer to learn up to 3 new songs. The bride & groom's opening dance, the father/bride dance & the groom/mother dance, or just songs in general.

How much time do you require for setup?

It depends on the size of band you would like to hire. We guarantee our band will be set up & sound checked prior to your guests arrival time.

How much space do you require?

Again, depending on the band size. Our quartet is our smallest size, and does not require a large staging area.

Do you have a sign or banner that you use at events?

No. We place our business cards within the stage area for anyone who may be interested in contacting us, but we don't believe in "advertising banners" when it's your special day.

What (if any) special equipment, such as disco balls or lighting, is offered with your service?

Special effects we offer include, bubble machines, strobe lighting, rotating disco ball with lighting, fog machines, laser lighting, or L.E.D. lighting (in addition to our usual L.E.D. lighting set-up).

Do you usually emcee the event, or talk between songs?

That depends on your request. You may want to have your own emcee make any announcements (which we supply a microphone), or we are able to emcee any requests. We enjoy interacting with the crowd and make it fun for them!

How would you motivate the crowd if no one is dancing?

There are many ways to motivate dancing. Song choices, interaction with the guests, crowd participation, having a "guest" singer, taking requests, plus many more options. We are very experienced at motivating a crowd.

What is your policy on taking breaks? If you need a meal break, do you require that the client provide your meal?

Given the time necessary to load in, sound check, perform & load out, we appreciate food & beverages to be available, although it is not required to have a table setting at your reception dinner.

Do you play recorded music during your break?

Yes! We offer a complimentary Dj service with all of our packages.

If one or more of the band members is unable to attend, what is your backup plan?

We have regular professional musicians that we may call upon in the event sickness or an emergency were to occur. We do not cancel a performance.

What is your overtime rate?

Our overtime rate is negotiable.

Do you charge for travel expenses? If yes, how much do you charge?

Our packages are priced with everything included. No extra charges are added to your personalized quote.

What is the required deposit to secure your services?

We require a 25% non-refundable deposit which secures your date, & guarantees our service.