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Having Soul Medix perform at your wedding is definitely an excellent choice! You will see excitement on everyone's faces in anticipation of dancing to a live band. Your guests will also appreciate that you took the time to make a vibrant difference with having a professional live band for your reception party, as opposed to attending another typical wedding with a Dj. Now wait a minute....let's not knock a Dj, in fact, Soul Medix offers a free Dj service with any of the wedding packages that they have to offer. This is a terrific way to provide music for your cocktail hour, wedding party introductions, dinner music, & during band intermissions. Overall, the trick is to hire a good band, in fact... it's vital. Don't settle for less!

Soul Medix takes a professional attitude towards music , and we pride ourselves as being the best in the business. Here's what you can expect when you hire Soul Medix as entertainment for your amazing & unforgettable wedding :

  • Soul Medix has musicians with the highest quality of professionalism & experience.
  • Soul Medix constantly learns and rehearses fresh new music.
  • Your wedding song is very important to us. We will perform your special requests.
  • Soul Medix is punctual and on time. To avoid any disruptions, our set-up is done prior to your guests arrival times.
  • Soul Medix has never missed or cancelled a wedding....ever! We book 1 to 2 years in advance, and you can be assured Soul Medix will be there. It's our guarantee.
  • Soul Medix realizes that booking a band may be a first for many of our clients. That is why we are here the whole distance to assist you in making musical choices that are right for you.
  • Our soloists are professionals and aim to please. Requests are very welcomed.
  • Soul Medix dresses for the occasion with sharp, hip attire.
  • Don't worry..... and let the party happen!
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